Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hugging them a little bit tighter

Working with kids, sometimes I get the random hug.  They want to feel connected and loved and express their apprecation of whatever we are doing.  Sometimes its a hug from one of the kids who takes my Lego classes, other times, one of my teens will randomly get excited and hug.  I always give them the one arm, side hug that lasts only for a few seconds.  Don't want someone thinking that the hug I give back means something a little more.

Yesterday was a little different.  I got three hugs, and while I still did the side arm hug, I did squeeze a little more.  I gave it a few more seconds, held on a little bit tighter.  Because what if.  Newtown isn't that much different from any other town in the northeast.  Sandy Hook Elementary isnt that much different than my elementary school, or any of the other schools in my area.  They were getting ready for holiday break; teachers finishing up lessons, making holiday crafts, teaching songs, decorating the class rooms.  These could have easily been my kids.  They could have come to my classes or my programs, they could be the younger siblings of my teens.  It breaks my heart.