Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The 9 Goals of 2011

1. Learn to sew!
CHECK!  I can make blankets, bags and pillows (easy stuff) but I want to work on it more so I can make nice gifts for everyone who is having babies <3

2. Get my stuff out of storage.
CHECK!  I have a great apartment that is one house down from work - I walk to work every day, plus can run home when I forget things.

3. Get in shape/loose the weight. Goal is 160!
CHECK!  I weighed in just before Christmas at 159 - hello!  I was at 184 a little over a year ago, wearing size 14 jeans and was generally grumpy all the time.  Now I am in a size 8 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) and I am happy and healthy!

4. Save money!
CHECK!  Well, up until I moved in September I was saving lots of money - but I am trying to be careful with what I spend - big ticket items are going to be a Ski/Boot Lease from Pelican this week, a trip to Nashville & NC this spring

5. Read 20 new books in 2011! I read 16 new books in 2010.
CHECK! 21 Books with 3 days to go!  Working on #22, but its a tough read, so I am slogging through it.  Also I just got Skyrim, so that is burning up my free time.

6. Finish Decorating the Apartment
CHECK!  Its cute and has great orange accents - perfect for me!  And I finally have rugs!!

7. Wear fewer t-shirts.
FAIL Well, I do try to dress up a little bit for work (Not today, however, as I am in Leaders sweatpants and a Wawa T-shirt - whoops)

8. Reconnect with old friends
Meh - I see the people I want to see, which is good.  And I have made some great friends working here at the Y, which has been awesome.

9. Run a 5K
FAIL. Whatever, still cant get the hip to cooperate, but I am doing "Couch to 5K" here at the Y, and hopefully doing a 5K in Nashville this May.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things like this. . .

My heart breaks for this child.  Why do we teach such HATE?