Saturday, June 16, 2012

Confessions of an almost 30 year old

 "What's wrong with your face?" Oh the innocent questions of a second grade boy... No I was not mauled by a bear nor did I have any especially large pimples protruding from my forehead... I was wearing makeup. Obviously by my student's reaction, you can conclude that I don't wear it very often. I was assured by my coworkers that I did look nice, but the boys were CONVINCED that my sudden cover girl impersonation was because "I had a date". Oh ok, when was that date fellas? At 11 am? Or I was "on a date", which was weirder because I was in a classroom of 9 K-3 boys and a giant bin of Legos. Nope guys, we are not on a date all together.

 I actually didn't start really wearing makeup until this year. As a kid I was not forbidden to wear it, I just was always in a pool or lake and it seemed like more trouble than it was worth.

 Not me, but how I picture I look in makeup...
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I pictured tubes, brushes, compacts, and movie scenes where the female lead is either crying or caught in a downpour (or both) and her eyeliner and mascara have run down her face and she resembles a raccoon. I read Cosmo Girl and Seventeen magazines faithfully with my friends, taking surveys to see what kind of kisser I was, ogling heart-throbs and gleaning makeup tips from the glossy pages. But I never really bought makeup until a few years ago, and that was reserved for times when I wore dresses (so basically never). This year, I am attempting to look like I am somewhat professional (I do teach Lego classes and play video games for a large chunk of my day, so maybe professional isn't quite the right word)... I think maybe it's just mature or in charge or not in high school... I get asked a lot if I have chosen a college yet (yes, did that in 2001).

Me at work... obviously.

 Me in make-up.  And I would like to say that the dress I am wearing in this photo is now WAY to big on me!  :)

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Yesterday I went and picked up my brother's turtles and goldfish from his school - they are now the newest residents of 60 Keep Street!  The turtles are both young red-eared sliders, and the fish is a BIG ASS GOLDFISH.  Seriously, he's a big mamba-jamba.  Currently they are named "Leopard" for her/his spotted belly, "Harry Potter" the gold fish, and "Kelly"... because my brother's students are the worst pet namers ever.  So I am looking for another name for the second turtle.

I am thinking Leopard and Tiberius, or Leo & Tibs for short.  I am a little paranoid that Leopard is super stressed from the move.  She/he is very skiddish, whereas Tibs/Kelly will just eye me suspiciously when I get near the tank.  Neither have been basking yet, and they should be spending a lot of time in the light, so hopefully they just need to relax from the trip.  
Harry Potter is just fine.  Symon, resident fat ketteh, could care less that there are new friends in the house, and instead woke me up at 5:45 this morning for snacks.  SYMON ITS SATURDAY!