Sunday, November 7, 2010

National Novel Writing Month

OMG this is fun, but hard.  I am only a fraction of the way in, and I seriously doubt that I will actually write a novel before the end of the month.  But the idea is to make it work.  You just write, without much planning.  I can always edit it later ;-)

The working title is "Friend of the King" and its a fantasy (think LOTR not vampires...)  Main character is the youngest daughter of a king, who sets out to avenge her mother's death.  She learns that those who killed her mother and are reeking havoc on her kingdom and the kingdom to the south of hers are actually being enslaved.  She must convince the king that they are not all bad or the same and then rescue them from their master.

Anyway, its fun.  So hopefully sometime by the end of the month I will have something share :-)

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