Monday, December 6, 2010


I am not 100% happy with my blog.  Almost a year ago, I trashed my blog, deleting the negative, the painful memories and the things that reminded me of what was but could never be.  I have been trying to redo and recreate what I loved about blogging in the first place.  But its so hard.  People never comment anymore.  I miss the feedback that I got from other bloggers.  I am thinking of going tumblr but I love that I can use my blog as a jumping off point for the other blogs I keep up with.  (I know, I can get a reader, but I HATE when the RSS feed takes the design out of a blog.  Some people spend a lot of time making their blogs look nice, and I appreciate that).  I guess I need to re evaluate what I want/need from the internet and from blogging.


  1. aside from the fact that tumblr is down right now (grrr!), i love it. i've found it conducive to the type of micro-blogging i've been doing lately - posting pictures, design related stuff, quotes, etc. it also lends itself to long form blogging just as easily. it's also basically html/css so since you know that, it's really easy to customize. there's a good community and it's easy to find/follow other tumblrs - i follow food tumblrs, web designers, people who post pug pictures and lots more.

    also, i'm on tumblr!

  2. how about, i just miss you? i love looking at your photos and some of the things you've done with photoshop (i've really gotten bad about commenting, i try to read blogs while i'm getting ready in the morning, and then i'm nearly late for work). i feel like such a slacker hobbyist photographer, you've got such a good eye. we should get together and have a photo shoot day, and you can teach me cool things.

    (so don't leave me on blogger!)