Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Worst Haircut EVER

This post inspired me to write about MY worst haircut ever, which happened during the last 3 weeks of 8th grade.

When I was in 8th grade, I had long thick dark hair, which I wanted layered (like Rachel from friends).  My aunt took me to her very fancy hair salon, where the owner, a man named PACO - WARNING SIGN #1, was waiting.  He sat me on an elevated platform in the back of the salon, in front of a mirror that looked like Cinerella's (WARNING SIGNS 2 and 3) and started to chat.  He told me all about living in Key West, and the time he broke his neck falling off a curb in NYC.  (WTF?)

Then he put my hair up in a high pony, AND CHOPPED IT OFF.

You can't fix that.  There is no going back once you cut a FOOT of hair off someone's head.  I started to cry almost immediately.  It was horrible.  My aunt kept saying "he'll fix it!", but when I left the store I had a very, VERY short PIXIE.  My mom came to pick me up and attempted to comfort me, however I think she was convinced I was going to throw myself out on the highway during the drive home. (She kept her hand on my leg the entire ride, as I sobbed into the window). Now imagine being a tall tom-boy of a girl, who then shows up for the last 3 weeks of 8th grade with a BOY'S HAIRCUT.   I was mortified and wore a lot of hats that summer.  The cut was actually really becoming in retrospect, but seriously, who does that to a MIDDLE SCHOOLER?!

(pics coming soon)

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