Sunday, September 11, 2011

Down the Shore

Pictures from the weekend.  It was so nice to go down the shore and not have to worry about the whereabouts of 30 campers. :-)

Yes, this is a bicycle built for two!  My brother and I rode it and got about 10 feet before the front tube blew out - whoops.  This photograph will soon to be a nice print for my new apartment! I get the keys on Thursday, big moving day is SATURDAY!!

This is going to be a 16x20 canvas print.  I think it will look nice in my bedroom. 

We stayed at a house in Bay Head, NJ, 2 blocks from the ocean and 3 houses from the bay.  It was a beautiful day on Saturday!  Played in the VERY ROUGH ocean, laid out on the beach, looked for sea glass (still have never found any) and rode beach cruisers around town.  Overall a spectacular day!

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  1. gorgeous shots :) and i love how you used the one for the header.

    where are you moving to? how exciting!