Saturday, November 5, 2011

Treepocalypse 2011

(Insurance company totalled the car - crushed hood, crushed roof and bent frame)

My parent's lost power at about 3:00pm on Saturday, and got it back at 3:30pm on Friday.  The branches have been moved out of the driveway and cut up a bit, but our tree service wont be back for a few more days - just way to many trees down.  We are going to have to take at least one tree down as a result of the storm - it actually wasn't badly damaged, but it revealed that it is hollow inside (yikes).

But besides a bruised shoulder on my part (HUGE chunk of wet snow came down out of a tree while I was out walking - OW) everyone is fine.

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  1. wow em, those are crazy pics!

    glad there wasn't more damage.