Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The 9 Goals of 2011

1. Learn to sew!
CHECK!  I can make blankets, bags and pillows (easy stuff) but I want to work on it more so I can make nice gifts for everyone who is having babies <3

2. Get my stuff out of storage.
CHECK!  I have a great apartment that is one house down from work - I walk to work every day, plus can run home when I forget things.

3. Get in shape/loose the weight. Goal is 160!
CHECK!  I weighed in just before Christmas at 159 - hello!  I was at 184 a little over a year ago, wearing size 14 jeans and was generally grumpy all the time.  Now I am in a size 8 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) and I am happy and healthy!

4. Save money!
CHECK!  Well, up until I moved in September I was saving lots of money - but I am trying to be careful with what I spend - big ticket items are going to be a Ski/Boot Lease from Pelican this week, a trip to Nashville & NC this spring

5. Read 20 new books in 2011! I read 16 new books in 2010.
CHECK! 21 Books with 3 days to go!  Working on #22, but its a tough read, so I am slogging through it.  Also I just got Skyrim, so that is burning up my free time.

6. Finish Decorating the Apartment
CHECK!  Its cute and has great orange accents - perfect for me!  And I finally have rugs!!

7. Wear fewer t-shirts.
FAIL Well, I do try to dress up a little bit for work (Not today, however, as I am in Leaders sweatpants and a Wawa T-shirt - whoops)

8. Reconnect with old friends
Meh - I see the people I want to see, which is good.  And I have made some great friends working here at the Y, which has been awesome.

9. Run a 5K
FAIL. Whatever, still cant get the hip to cooperate, but I am doing "Couch to 5K" here at the Y, and hopefully doing a 5K in Nashville this May.


  1. 2010 was an awesome year for you. Way. To. Go. Very inspiring.

  2. yay! great job on your goals!

    learning to sew is one of my goals this year!