Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh Deer

This ones called "Expecto Patronum" ;)
This ones called "The Birches" or "Boring Brown Buck"
 I've been doodling a bunch lately.  Tonight, it was a stag, which I scanned and made into a coloring page :)  So now I can put him where ever I want!  My insomnia had been pretty terrible lately, so I have been trying to stay off the computer (failing miserably) and drawing instead.  Unfortunately, I have had a bad headache every night this week, which has made drawing, reading, and (of course) sleeping difficult.  Doctor said it was from my sinuses so I am on a lot more allergy meds than I was before.  Hopefully, this will clear up in the next few days so I can get some good sleep & be more comfortable at night!

For anyone out there who reads this (both of you, anyway) any requests on what I should doodle next time I can't sleep?  Leave me a comment, I'll dedicate it to you! ;)

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