Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am decompressing after three of the busiest weeks of my life.  My ankle is much better, I own a new orange shirt that I LOVE, and I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do after August.  I am so up in the air about what I want to do... really, in my heart, I want to work with youths in an outdoor setting year round.  But what degree do I need for that?  What opportunities should I be looking for?  Did I just waste the last 4 years of my life?  I have been trying to live with no regrets, because even though I probably should have never stayed at UNCG after I dropped out of the nursing program, because I did I am now involved in Teen Leaders.  Do I have what it takes to get into a graduate program?  Is that what I should be doing?  Perhaps I should be looking at year round camp programs, but where?  A good friend of mine is moving to Pittsburgh in a few weeks.  Maybe he has the right idea.  Far enough away that he can start something new for himself, but close enough that if he needs to be home for something, he can be.  (ps, I love Pittsburgh, so I am really jealous that he is moving there).  What if I can't find a meaningful and fulfilling job?  Should I do some soul searching next summer?  I was planning on a two week vacation to Europe - hitting up Germany, France and Spain.  Should I go for longer?  I have terrible language skills, but I like to be independent, so maybe it wont matter.  Should I just go and stay in youth hostels and with my friends and be a bum?  Take a summer for me?  Or have I done that enough?  I think its living at home and being so uncertain in my plans that is making me question everything.  

Hopefully this coming week will be an easy one, and a bunch of my questions will be answered.  And if not, I have some long train rides ahead of me the week after that will give me some time to think.  


  1. i am in the exact same place em. i have no idea what i'll be doing after august 24th... and ahhhhhhhh!

    when i get home can we play?

  2. I would say to look into year-round camp programs at outdoor education centers, wherever you can find one in a place that interests you. If you were going back to school, you'd be looking at Outdoor Education, I would say, I'm not sure how many programs there are for masters students... but i would say that you probably have enough experience to get by without needing another degree. worst you can do is try a program/camp and find that that's not what you want to do, and then try something else. i say go for it. i think many places are cutting down on year round staff and are doing like 10-month seasonal positions, just an FYI.