Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two Kisses For Maddy

So this morning I awoke to a surprise package from my favorite online book seller - Matt Logelin's memoir: Two Kisses For Maddy.  I am a huge fan of his blog Matt, Liz and Madeline, so buying his book seemed like a logical choice.

The book is so much different than I expected.  The writing style of his blog is raw, emotional and highly stylized, leaving you breathless, but often is only the emotions of the day.  The book fills in those holes the blog leaves.  The back story of Matt and Liz's beautiful relationship, the full birth story, how he coped with the first year of life without Liz, his relationship with his in-laws, parents and friends, and how he started the Liz Logelin Foundation are brought to life in this book.
It was a beautiful and easy read, candid but polished, and left me hoping that Matt will continue to write and share his amazing story.  You do not have to be a blog reader to get into this book, but I guarantee that after you read this, you'll be following Matt's journey to see what amazing adventures he and his daughter will have next.

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  1. i went to visit his blog. i have only read a few days surrounding the birth. this story is heartbreaking.