Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jockey Hollow, NJ 1/1/12

Today, I convinced my friend Vivian to put on her New Years Eve gown and wander around an orchard and woods in Jockey Hollow, NJ.  I am trying out a new lens (Canon 50MM) and I needed a willing subject.  Vivian was a good sport (I did not include the photos of her scowling at me, or laughing at me haha).  Hopefully I can find some other victims subjects since Vivian is headed back to Nashville next week :(

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  1. love them!

    and i'd love to be your subject! let me know! i'm still around for a bit - not sure when i'm going back to sc!

  2. you take such beautiful photos. maybe we can help each other out. i need to get more comfortable being on the other side of the camera with the upcoming wedding and all, and you need a subject :)

    (and that also means we could hang out!)

  3. I would love to photograph both of you!! let me know when you are availible - afternoons are the best (after 2pm for good light)... I like shooting outside, because i dont have any special lights :P

    love you bothhh!