Saturday, June 16, 2012

Confessions of an almost 30 year old

 "What's wrong with your face?" Oh the innocent questions of a second grade boy... No I was not mauled by a bear nor did I have any especially large pimples protruding from my forehead... I was wearing makeup. Obviously by my student's reaction, you can conclude that I don't wear it very often. I was assured by my coworkers that I did look nice, but the boys were CONVINCED that my sudden cover girl impersonation was because "I had a date". Oh ok, when was that date fellas? At 11 am? Or I was "on a date", which was weirder because I was in a classroom of 9 K-3 boys and a giant bin of Legos. Nope guys, we are not on a date all together.

 I actually didn't start really wearing makeup until this year. As a kid I was not forbidden to wear it, I just was always in a pool or lake and it seemed like more trouble than it was worth.

 Not me, but how I picture I look in makeup...
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I pictured tubes, brushes, compacts, and movie scenes where the female lead is either crying or caught in a downpour (or both) and her eyeliner and mascara have run down her face and she resembles a raccoon. I read Cosmo Girl and Seventeen magazines faithfully with my friends, taking surveys to see what kind of kisser I was, ogling heart-throbs and gleaning makeup tips from the glossy pages. But I never really bought makeup until a few years ago, and that was reserved for times when I wore dresses (so basically never). This year, I am attempting to look like I am somewhat professional (I do teach Lego classes and play video games for a large chunk of my day, so maybe professional isn't quite the right word)... I think maybe it's just mature or in charge or not in high school... I get asked a lot if I have chosen a college yet (yes, did that in 2001).

Me at work... obviously.

 Me in make-up.  And I would like to say that the dress I am wearing in this photo is now WAY to big on me!  :)

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