Sunday, August 19, 2012

Super Nerd

For those of you who know me in real life, you probably have realized that I have an extremely nerdy side.  I like science, dinosaurs, post-apocolyptic survival, an recently have developed a new and ULTRA-GEEKY obsession...


Man, its geeky.  But its fun.  Its all about friendship - the Doctor is a space & time traveling Time Lord (nearly immortal humanoid with 2 hearts and a British accent).  He travels in a TARDIS (his is broken and always looks like a blue police call box).  He has some companions with him (usually cute girls, although currently he has a young married couple who are adorable). And they travel space and time solving problems, fighting really weird alliens and saving the Earth (over and over again!). 

The show is very clever.  The companions can be dropped off back home, (or get lost in an alternate universe - sorry Rose Tyler!) and then the doctor picks up new ones (or they can search for him and then fall in love with his doppelganger - Rose Tyler!!).  The Doctor himself is "nearly immortal" meaning that if he is mortally wounded (aka absorbs a bunch of atomic energy or something silly) he can regenerate and a new actor takes over.  Currently they are on Doctor #11 (the series started in the 60s). 

Photo Credit - what a great artist!
Anyway, I'm obsessed with the show.  Its on Netflix... you should watch it.

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