Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Cause Worth Fighting For

Here are two of the many MANY organizations dedicated to finding cures, treatments and providing support and hope to children and their families.
Alex's Lemonade Stand

PS - Do you want a cool image? new header? 
I'm bored and I love making them, so let me know.


  1. oh you can make me one! i hate what my blog looks like right now, but i am no where near creative enough//have enough time right now to change it

  2. =[ no! i didn't! when did you send it?? maybe it got there late?

    umm, i don't know..i like moving on quotes right now and encouragement quotes at the moment.. and black and white pictures.. other than that it is up to you!! {i know it is not specific, that is why i stink at doing these kinda things!}