Wednesday, October 27, 2010



My mom made it through surgery with flying colors - they ended up taking the skin from her calf instead of thigh, but besides that she's doing great! Tonight she enjoyed some au bon pain from downstairs in the lobby (yeah our hospital is fancy like that) and now we are watching NCIS.

We still don't have a discharge date, but we're hoping she'll be home before Sunday!  Keep your fingers crossed!!

Original Post:

So today my mom is having her skin graft, so I am hanging out with her in pre-op.  So far, she's had a new IV put in (#3 and she has been here for like 36 hours... thats not a good record), and thats pretty much it.  They put her in a curtain area that is decorated with fish and has pretty ceiling tiles because its the children's area; they also have big bookshelf of books and legos on one wall.  The pre-op area is pretty boring - if its an emergency you skip this place all together, so everyone here is a scheduled surgery.

The surgery is pretty non-envasive.  They are taking skin from her thigh and grafting it over the vascular wound on her ankle (her leg looks like a burn so they are kinda treating it like one).  And thats pretty much it.  It should take an hour, so I guess when she's out I'll blog again.

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