Wednesday, January 13, 2010

100 Photos

So I am challenging myself to take 100 photos of the sky this year.  Good, edited, clean photos.  I love the sky, I love the clouds, the colors, I love it when its bright and clear, when its stormy, even when its gray.  The challenge is through this awesome photography blog:

(ps, This starts tomorrow as its really really cold out and its dark out and I could do an open exposure up in the powerlines, and I bet it would look really cool, but did i mention its really really cold out?? )

(pps, Saturday is my birthday, and I really would love to climb Mount Tammany and take pictures of the sunset and enjoy the bitter beautiful cold we've been having.  Speedy, you up for a walk in the woods?)


  1. I love the sky too. I live in Texas so there is a lot to love. Anyway, I just posted a couple of pretty good sky shots, neither of which I can take credit for taking. I can appreciate them, however.

  2. ummmmm, i want to go hiking, but i am chaperoning basketball games on saturday so i don't know what time i'll be free. but i do want to go!