Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We are having the kitchen remodeled - its going to be almost the same size (everyone keeps asking if we are making it bigger... no, our kitchen is plenty big), its going to have soapstone counter tops, light maple cabinets, a built in wine rack, stainless appliances and even a spot for a little flat screen tv.  I wish I had taken pictures of our old kitchen - it was pretty cool. We had it done about a year into moving to C-town - the old old kitchen was original to the house so it was all 1950's awesomeness.  My mom had a TOTALLY white kitchen installed.  White cabinets, white countertops, white appliances and white sink.  It was pretty cool, but the counter was completely wrecked from bleaching it (it was white Formica so if you spilled anything on it it would stain...hence bleach) the cabinets were starting to fall apart and it needed a new stove and oven.  So, we tore it out.

I will post some pictures of the remodel so far.  They had to do a lot of prep work because all of the electric had to be updated to make code, we needed new insulation in some spots and we moved the stove/oven so they had to move the gas line and the big power line.  Currently there is a wall of cabinets done on the fridge side of the kitchen (wine rack, 2 large pantries and space for the fridge) and right now they are hanging some other cabinets up.

Our biggest challenge now is the back splash.  Having a soapstone one installed will cost about $4,000, so we are going with subway tile.  Any suggestions on the color?  It needs to be light, but work with the dark ass soapstone (google image search it - its dark!) and the light maple cabinets.  Soapstone tends to have a slight greenish cast to it, so we were thinking a green glass tile, but I dunno.

Let me know your thoughts!

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