Thursday, January 28, 2010


Did you know that this ship existed before the earthquake in Haiti?

This is the USNS Comfort, which is a Navy Hospital ship with 1000 beds and 12 operating rooms.  This ship is going to save thousands of lives in Haiti because it provides a clean, fully staffed hospital where patients can receive better care than in the field hospitals.  It just amazes me that we, the US just HAD this thing, and were able to deploy it so quickly to the area (some people complained that it took a while to get there, but they were able to staff and stock it in 3 days and then it sailed down there in less than a week, and its a converted oil tanker - she's not really known for her speed people!!).  Of course, the reason the US has this ship, and its sister ship the USNS Mercy, is for treatment of soldiers during battles, but it seems to get a lot more use as a relief vessel (its been to Haiti and surrounding countries before, helped out in Hurricane Katrina etc).  Did you also know that its a war crime to fire on this ship, and that it carries no weapons? 

The devistation in Haiti has really blown my mind.  I can not imagine, or even begin to imagine what it must be like there for the people of Haiti, those who were already there helping before the earthquake, and for those who have recently arrived to help.  There are those in the international community complaining that the US isn't doing enough.  But really, what is enough?  Sure, there were and still are some kinks in communication to work out, and people's egos to keep in check and unforeseen problems arising, but what is this measure that everyone is talking about?  There is always more to be done, and more ways of helping are being implemented every day!  Also, I have seen soo many people, on Facebook, on TV, on the internet COMPLAINING that the US is doing too much for Haiti.  HELLO! These are our neighbors!  These are our friends!  These are the families of so many people here in the US!  Haiti was a terrible place before the earthquake, and although there was aid going into Haiti, it was almost too little too late.  Now we have the real opportunity to turn the country around!  Yes, the US has its own problems, but how can people turn their back on a country that has had the raw end of the deal for so many years?  How do you justify saying, "we have our own troubles"?  If your neighbor's house burned down, would you say "let some one else take care of them, I just lost my job"? No, you wouldn't.  You would say, "I don't have a lot, but here is a little something".  You would try to help out in anyway you could. 

Alright, enough of my rant.  My heart goes out to everyone, everywhere affected by this earthquake.  Thank you to the men and women serving on the USNS Comfort, the troops on the ground in Haiti and all of the volunteers who are helping with the relief effort!

Oh and something cool I found out.  Farmville, that annoying yet addicting game on Facebook, sold virtual white corn seeds for real money and raised over $1 million for World Food Program in Haiti...and everyone says how Farmville is annoying!  I will just let you know that I proudly grew some white corn for Haiti :)

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