Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The new kitchen (long and rambling)

Sorry, this entry is kinda long and almost pointless, unless you are interested in remodeling kitchens....

Today my mom and I went down to finalize the soapstone counter top we are getting for the kitchen.  I say we because apparently I represent dad's interests in the kitchen design, so I get to have input (and he doesn't).  Its actually kind of stressful, in a weird way.  I don't live here, and this isn't my money that we are spending on the kitchen, but I still have a big say in what its going to look like.  But its more than that.  This is our last ditch effort to raise the value of the house so that it wont be knocked down.  Its a beautiful 1950 Ranch, 4 bed (yeah, that cold attic is actually a bedroom... thats on the list of repairs haha) 2.5 bath house.  It has a study, a split level finished basement, a family room, "formal" living room with gas fireplace, hardwood floors and a big lot.  But, its on the cusp of being a tare down.  It kinda hurts my heart.  I guess I dont get the need to have the GIGANTIC homes that people seem to want around here.  Why on earth (unless you have a lot of kids) would you have a 7 bedroom home!?  And the thing is, the master bedrooms in these homes are HUGE, but the other bedrooms are really small.  Which makes no sense to me.  Sure, adults in the home share (traditionally) the master, so it should be bigger.  But kids are in their rooms a lot more.  (Well, I was) And no, I am not talking about punishment... but quite play time,  studying, reading, day-dreaming.  I want my kids to have more than a small closet like room to do all this in.

In all seriousness, the fact that we are increasing the value of the house isnt the only reason we are putting in a new kitchen.  The old one was falling apart- water damage, broken cabinets, and in desperate need of a new counter top.  But, as far as homes go, a new kitchen is a good investment. 

In my next life, I will be a home flipper and a real estate agent I think... haha


  1. i love your house, even the cold attic! my mom's putting her house back up this weekend, eek!

  2. glad the remodeling is going well. and i can't understand either the love for super huge houses in this area either. and why are all the other rooms 10x10 boxes as well?