Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Decorating and such

OOOO art!

While I was in NC, my mom had the house painted (interior - the exterior is that vinyl stuff).  I picked the color, a lilac, because it went better with our new rugs, which are a yellowy/beige-y color).  Its awesome (my room used to be this awesome blue color so I had to pick an equally awesome new color) ANYWAY, they took down all my pictures/shit that was on the walls, so now I have to hang it.  New house rules is that because my room is the "guest room" everything on the walls has to be in a frame (I dont know if we are going to have any "guests" but better safe then sorry).  So, no crazy bulitin board (sad face) and no silly random pictures (those are all down in NC anyway).  But now I have to figure out where to hang all these things... and should I hang all of them?

ok  so I have 6 awesome, professionally framed crate labels - (the top 6 on the bed).  Those are definitely going up cause they are cool.  I have my NAU diploma (the UNCG one comes later this month) and my Sigma Tau Delta certificate (uber nerdy I know) and those are also really nicely framed... should I hang them up by the little desk in here? (Linds- its the small this-end-up desk)  I also have a non-professionally framed, but still cool 4 year varsity swimming award from HS.  It was my proudest moment in HS, but its a little dorky, so should that go up?  I also have a HUGE crest that I made for my Letter Signs and Symbols class, and my brother has a matching one (you can see it leaning on the wall).  The frame matches the rest, but the only wall it would fit on is DIRECTLY over my headboard... is that too much?  The last thing on the bed is a poorly framed vintage reproduction of that french black cat poster that everyone has.  Its a cool print, but the guy did a shit job framing it (no mat, and some white shows from the edge of the border.... I dont think I will hang that, but I also dont know what to do with it.... maybe it will come to NC with me and add to my random walls.

In other decorating news, I am getting two new lamps for this room (YAY LIGHTING) which is a big deal considering my mom HATES HATES HATES lamps... I have no idea why, but its like pulling teeth to buy one and put it in a room. 

OMG how cute are these - I have a thing for branches and birds... I think I am going to get either the green or lilac (not shown) shade.  Yeah, these are totally from PB kids - we get ALL the pottery barn magazines, and these were in them.  We also saw it in person at the mall (I could not get my mom out of that store - I think I know where I will be registering for my furniture when I have kids - she loves the stuff).  (hey mine and my brothers bedroom sets are from PB kids as well - the kids furniture is a more normal scale than the rest of the furniture, which is designed for those new huge houses).

Ok, off to decide where and how to hang this stuff... and feed Symon, who is going NUTS.  Damn cute kitten...

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  1. nice, i love decorating and i can't wait until i have my own place!

    how much longer are you in jersey?